How are Implant Supported Dentures Better than Traditional Dentures

How are Implant Supported Dentures Better than Traditional Dentures

August 31, 2021

Changing your traditional dentures to implant supported dentures may be a good decision. Tooth loss is a consistent dental problem among many people. Though, traditional dentures may help for a while. When the jawbone shifts, the solution becomes a problem. If you want to understand how implant supported dentures can upgrade your experience from traditional dentures, here are the facts.

The problem of tooth loss

Many people feel uneasy because of missing teeth. In reality, tooth loss does not only affect the aesthetics of the mouth. It also impacts the person’s oral health. Teeth support the mouth and facial structures. Without teeth, the cheeks and lips pull inward. This worsens as the person loses more teeth.

If teeth are missing in the jaw, the neighboring teeth move toward the space. This changes the person’s bite and mouth shape. It could even cause bone loss and buccal pain. Over time, the person develops difficulties in chewing and speaking. These usually culminate in psychological issues.

Traditional dentures

These prostheses are removable. Patients can clean these dentures separately while performing personal oral care. Even if removable dentures are custom-fit, wearers develop blistering in the gums. These dentures rub against the patient’s gums even when denture glue stabilizes them.

Eating with dentures is possible. Yet, many wearers refrain from doing so in front of other people. Traditional dentures tend to pop or slip out while chewing. Sticky and hard foods cause the problem. Other people prefer to eat without dentures. This seems to make eating more enjoyable.

Dentists tell wearers to remove traditional dentures before sleeping. The dentures might fall into the back of the throat and cause choking. That is why wearers remove dentures at night and store them until the next day. Some patients even soak dentures in a cleaning solution.

Traditional dentures go over the gums. The jawbone shrinks because there are no dental roots in it. This causes dentures to shift. The patient needs to go to the dentist for denture adjustment. These adjustments will make the dentures fit again.

Implant supported dentures

These permanent prostheses are more stable and durable than traditional dentures. Patients can do anything without worrying that the dentures will pop out, fall to the ground, and break. Those who have implant supported dentures can clean them like natural teeth. Patients do not need to remove these restorations for cleaning and proper storage.

Implant supported dentures help keep the facial and mouth structures intact. The jaw retains its bone density as well. Dental implants make these dentures stable and strong. They will not shift or cause any dental pain.

If you get implant supported dentures, you will regain your oral health

Traditional dentures can help you experience dentition again. These dentures may be good for you at first, but as your jawbone gets smaller, traditional partials loosen. This leads to problems in speech, eating, and drinking. With implant supported dentures, you can achieve more strength and stability in every activity. Speaking to your dentist about upgrading to implant supported dentures can give you a chance at a better quality of life.

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