How ClearCorrect® Can Give a New Smile

How ClearCorrect® Can Give a New Smile

September 8, 2021

ClearCorrect® makes it possible to straighten your teeth without having to go to a clinic, but only if your teeth alignment issues are mild to moderate. People with severe orthodontic issues might need an in-person evaluation before they can be approved for the treatment.

ClearCorrect falls under the umbrella of clear aligners. These are transparent plastic trays that are barely noticeable when worn. They apply force on the wearer’s teeth, slowly moving them to a better alignment. Treatment times can be anywhere from six months to two years.

Improving the alignment of your teeth with ClearCorrect

Before the invention of clear aligners, people with teeth alignment issues had to wear metal braces. These devices are made up of metal brackets and wires.

Clear aligners were invented a couple of decades ago. They give patients a more discreet way to straighten their teeth. These devices work by pushing teeth to a better alignment by applying constant force, and they are virtually impossible to see when worn.

Also, clear aligners are removable and not fixed, like braces. This allows the wearer to remove the aligners for meals and oral hygiene, so treatment feels less restrictive. The main restriction that comes with straightening teeth with clear aligners is wearing the aligner tray for at least 22 hours daily.

The process

The ClearCorrect process involves using dental records, radiographs, photos, and an impression to make custom aligner trays. The patient’s dentist might send a prescription to ClearCorrect so a complete treatment plan can be crafted.

The treatment uses computerized projections of what the patient’s teeth will look like over the course of their treatment to determine how many sets of aligner sets should be made. The aligner trays are manufactured with molding and digital mapping technology, so every aligner exerts a precise force on each of the patient’s teeth.

The different treatment phases

Straightening teeth with ClearCorrect involves four stages of therapy. Each phase involves a new pair of aligner trays that are worn for three weeks. The next set of trays takes over at that point, like a relay team, pushing the patient’s teeth closer to the desired position. This approach enables the force being applied to the patient’s teeth to be gradually increased, which makes the treatment more comfortable.

The severity of the patient’s teeth alignment issues determines if they might need more than four aligners for their treatment. Patients with severe orthodontic issues can end up needing up to 12 sets of aligner trays.

Give ClearCorrect a try

Straightening the alignment of your teeth enhances the way that your smile looks and makes it easier to keep teeth surfaces clean. Give us a call, or visit our Minnetonka clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist if you are looking for a subtler way to straighten your teeth.

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