Reasons to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed

Reasons to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed

May 1, 2023

Wisdom teeth are the teeth located in the back of your mouth. It can develop from different angles in the jaw, even horizontally. Every year, 10 million wisdom teeth get extracted in the United States. In most cases, it requires removal. It’s because sometimes, the existing teeth make it difficult for the wisdom teeth to develop properly.

The dental professional usually advises patients to have wisdom teeth removed at a young age. It stops the development of bone structure and formation. Moreover, at a young age, the tooth roots are not permanently set. Therefore, the patient experiences less pain. Let us discover when pulling out these third molars are essential.

When Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near You is Necessary?

Below are the smart reasons to take wisdom teeth out of the mouth:

Gum Inflammation

When wisdom teeth develop at an angle to other teeth or erupt horizontally, it makes them challenging to clean properly. It also causes gum inflammation. It prevents proper flossing and brushing, which ultimately results in dental health problems.

Jaw Damage

In a few cases, when there is no area left around the other teeth, wisdom teeth do not grow through the gums and jaws. It can also impact the jaw. It causes shifting of the jawline and other teeth, which ultimately results in pain and discomfort.

Moreover, cyst formation can also occur along the molar teeth. It can cause significant damage to the nearby healthy teeth and even hollow out the jawbones when ignored.

Tooth Pain and Sensitivity

If you struggle with tooth pain or even slight sensitivity in your tooth, do not ignore it. It’s because it may signify wisdom teeth impaction. Remember, wisdom teeth impaction begins small and is barely noticeable to others.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Completely or partially impacted wisdom teeth can develop sideways. It enhances the risk of oral infection and gum diseases. It can also push against the second molar set, leading to pain and damage to the teeth. The best solution to prevent such issues is to get wisdom teeth extraction near you.

Sinus Issues

The wisdom teeth in the upper back jaw are located close to the sinuses behind the nose. The dentist in Minneapolis, MN advises the removal of wisdom teeth when they cause sinus pressure, congestion, or pain. For example, when you have impacted wisdom teeth, they erupt at an abnormal angle.

Also, the tooth root may stretch towards the sinus. The sinuses are the vacant air pockets in the face and skull area. Pulling wisdom teeth out eliminates tension headaches, jaw pain, and pressure from the sinuses.

Damage to the Surrounding Teeth

When our permanent teeth are already there, the development of wisdom teeth creates pressure and moves their position. It leads to overcrowding and bite issues. When this happens, it makes it challenging for you to carry out your dental hygiene routine and even causes damage to the nearby teeth.

Using toothpaste and a brush may not clean every area of the wisdom tooth properly. Due to this, the tooth starts collecting plaque and bacterial build-up. It results in cavities, which cause discomfort and pain.

If serious decay occurs and when the dentist 55402 cannot use a dental filling, wisdom teeth extraction surgery at Holger Dental Group – Minneapolis is the only way left to prevent the disease-causing bacteria from damaging the surrounding teeth.

There is Not Sufficient Area in the Jaw

The third molars are not vital, mainly if they fail to erupt properly. Removal of wisdom teeth helps create additional space while protecting teeth from damage.

When it Increases the Risk of Dental Health Problems

Even if you notice no symptoms of overcrowding and also no teeth are impacted, you must still get your wisdom teeth removed. Doing this early will help you minimize the risk of dental health concerns and save a lot of stress.

Infection or Cyst Formation

When wisdom teeth stay hidden beneath the gums, wisdom teeth removal is necessary. It’s because there is no space for them to fit as usual. So, they stay trapped within the jaw. It ultimately results in a wide variety of issues like cysts or infections in or nearby the region.

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