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Restorative Dentistry in Minneapolis & Minnetonka, MN

At Holger Dental Group, we practice restorative dentistry. Understanding how essential your teeth are to the overall health of your mouth, jawbone, and body, we seek to restore and preserve your teeth whenever possible. If you live in Minnetonka or Minneapolis, MN, and damage your tooth, we encourage you to call our restorative dental care.

We will examine you and determine the best way to save your natural tooth and prevent it from needing to be pulled. Using the latest in dental technology, this is possible if you visit our office quickly and don’t delay. The more extensive the damage is, or the more infected your tooth becomes, the more challenging it can be to save it, making it imperative that you seek us out quickly. Our staff is friendly and accommodating, and we will do whatever we can to schedule your appointment for a convenient time.

Dental Restorative Services For Kids

While most adults are familiar with restorative dental care, these solutions are also available for kids. If you have an elementary-age child or teenager, remember that their permanent teeth are the only ones they will ever have. Give us a call if they damage one while playing sports or swinging on the monkey bars.

We can restore their teeth using various restorative dental treatments at our restorative dental care, and the sooner, the better. As with most things, if we can correct the damage quickly, there is a reduced risk of the site becoming infected or the damage spreading. We typically recommend a bonding procedure with younger kids because we can complete it quickly, which is non-invasive.

With bonding, tooth-colored material is applied to the tooth and shaped. Once it looks perfect, we will use a dental light to harden it. The results look natural, and your child will be able to have a newly restored tooth in one visit. This is a painless procedure, beneficial for both children and adults. The one challenge to be aware of is that their teeth may continue to grow; if so, the restored tooth may appear shorter and need to be touched up when they become adults. By working in restorative dentistry, we can help patients now and in the future. If someone in your family has a damaged tooth, give us a call so that we can restore it to full functionality.

Restorative Dental Care For Seniors

At Holger Dental Group, we treat seniors throughout the Minnetonka and Minneapolis area. We have found that many seniors assume that they will experience tooth loss and don’t attempt restorations when their teeth become damaged or infected. This is a mistake. Whenever possible, we recommend that you save your natural teeth. Restorative dentistry near you plays a critical role in your mouth and jaw health. This is true for everyone and especially for seniors. Most seniors, especially women, tend to experience some bone loss.

The severity is highly dependent on a person’s health history, diet, and level of exercise. Bone loss can lead to an increased risk of breaking bones, a loss of height, and a change in appearance. This is particularly true when it comes to your facial appearance. Your natural teeth provide stimulation to your jawbone. Every time you bite down and chew, your bone is utilized, and the body supports it. The body may stop supporting the jawbone in that area if you lose teeth because the stimulation will be lost. Resorption is when the body takes calcium from the jaw and feeds it to other areas.

This can alter how a person appears and create an almost sunken-like appearance. This makes it critical to save your natural teeth whenever possible, which we specialize in by offering dental restorative services. When we save a damaged or infected tooth, we are not only saving the tooth but also preserving the health and integrity of the jawbone and, therefore, your appearance. Don’t take your teeth for granted if you are a senior living in Minnetonka or Minneapolis. Call us at the first sign of damage or infection so that we can save your teeth and restore them to good health.

Immediate Restorations

If you have damaged a tooth and need it to be restored quickly, you need immediate dental restorations. Perhaps the fastest procedure we offer is dental bonding because it can be completed in one visit. This, however, is not the best solution for everyone. We also offer dental veneers and dental crowns. A veneer is a thin shell placed on the surface of your tooth and works to correct a chipped or cracked tooth.

A crown surrounds your tooth like a cap and is more effective if there is extensive damage or a loss of enamel. While both require two visits to our dental office, we can provide you with a temporary veneer or crown on your first visit so that your smile is restored and you can begin to eat soft foods again. After the second visit, where your permanent veneer or crown is placed, you will be able to eat all types of food again without fear of discomfort. Using a two-step process, we can ensure that you have a temporary and permanent solution for restoring your damaged tooth.

Natural Looking Restorative Dentistry

At Holger Dental Group, we practice natural looking restorative dentistry. Whether you have a damaged or infected tooth, we can restore it using various tooth-colored materials that can match the shade of your surrounding teeth. This way, they will appear natural and blend in with your surrounding teeth once placed. Whether you are getting a filling, bonding procedure, veneer, crown, bridge, or implant, we can ensure that your restoration looks identical to your natural teeth.

How Long Will My Restorations Last?

We treat patients throughout the Minnetonka and Minneapolis areas and find that dental restorations can last anywhere from five years to a lifetime. This is highly dependent upon the patient. A restored tooth needs to be treated and protected like a natural tooth. You must continue brushing and flossing, not eating or biting down on anything inedible, avoid grinding your teeth, etc. If you do so and have regular dental checkups, you may be wearing your restoration for twenty years or more. For more information about restorative dentistry, schedule an appointment with our Minnetonka or Minneapolis dentist’s office.

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