What To Do When Half Your Tooth Breaks Off?

What To Do When Half Your Tooth Breaks Off?

August 1, 2022

A tooth breaking off is frightening. The damage can occur because of an impact on your face or everyday life. Fortunately, there is no reason for you to panic because repairing a broken tooth is not a challenge if you contact the dentist nearby immediately. However, if you suspect you have a fractured tooth, here are some actions you can take.

What Causes Broken Tooth Pain?

Your tooth is part of your body, similar to your hands or fingers. Therefore, if you encounter an injury to any part of your body, you will undoubtedly experience pain. Similarly, if you play contact sports and take an impact on your mouth to break your tooth in half, you will experience discomfort that can make you panic.

Sustaining a broken tooth due to general wear and tear on your teeth from daily life is also a possibility. You can support a broken tooth if you like crunching on complex objects like candy or ice. Problems like bruxism causing you to indulge in teeth grinding and jaw clenching also damage your teeth. Over time you can expect pain from the broken tooth because your tooth enamel weakens and causes your tooth to break.

How to Identify If Your Tooth Pain Results from a Broken Tooth?

You will likely feel the tooth pain from the broken tooth immediately as it occurs. For example, if you experience unexpected pain when eating extremely hot or cold foods indicates you might have a broken tooth. You might also experience intermittent pain when chewing food with a broken tooth.

Actions to Take If Your Tooth Cracks in Half

If your tooth cracked in half, calling your dentist’s office immediately to schedule an appointment is optimal. Ignoring a broken tooth is not suggested because your condition could worsen, and the tooth can become infected.

The infection might begin in the dental pulp and spread to the gums besides your jawbone. If you cannot get to your dentist for prompt treatment, you can continue your regular dental hygiene practices remaining cautious about brushing the broken tooth gently.

Do not consider leaving the broken tooth untreated for long because your mouth bacteria attack the tooth without wasting time. Instead, visit the emergency dentist near you for treatment immediately.

What Are the Different Treatment Options for Broken Tooth Pain?

The sooner you see the emergency dentist, the better your chances of preserving the tooth. The dental professional will examine the broken tooth and determine the best treatment to save it. Given below are some treatment options dentists choose for a broken tooth.

  • You might not require intensive treatments if you have lost some tooth enamel or a chipped filling. Instead, the dentist might provide a new filling or bond the tooth with some tooth-colored composite resin bonding material.
  • If a tiny portion of your tooth is broken, the dentist might recommend protecting the remaining portion of the tooth with dental fillings or a dental crown.
  • If you have a severe fracture, the dentist offers endodontic surgery to eliminate the fractured portion to protect the dental pulp in the tooth.
  • If the fracture extends to the dental pulp, you might require a root canal or tooth extraction if you refuse the treatment.

Breaking your tooth in half is scary and makes you think you probably need a replacement tooth at high costs. Fortunately, several treatment options to restore the tooth are available from dentists. However, you must have the tooth evaluated at the earliest to ensure the best outcome. Delaying the treatment or ignoring the issue will result in tooth loss and a search for replacements in dentures, bridges, or implants.

How To Protect Teeth From Breaking Off?

Protecting your teeth from breaking off is not challenging. However, suppose you are diligent with your dental hygiene routine and schedule appointments with your dentist for exams and cleanings. In that case, your dentist can recommend preventive measures to help you ensure you never confront a broken tooth.

For example, dentists recommend not using your teeth to bite on complex objects like ice or hard candy and wearing mouthguards if involved in sporting activity with the potential to impact your mouth. In addition, teeth grinding and jaw clenching treatments require customized night guards to keep your teeth from contacting each other when sleeping.

Therefore if you adopt the preventive measures recommended by your dentist, you can comfortably avoid a situation that causes stress and require help from emergency dentists.

Holger Dental Group — Minneapolis provides treatments for broken, cracked, and chipped teeth without making you wait in a queue if you contact them immediately. If you want to restore your broken tooth, please do not hesitate to contact this practice for tooth repair.

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