When do you need dental sealants?

When do you need dental sealants?

November 1, 2022

The standard floss-mouthwash-brush procedure is not sufficient to prevent cavities from forming.

That’s when it’s the right time to take advantage of dental sealants for adults. They are the best quality barriers that protect teeth from decay.

As per the ADA, a dental sealant can be manufactured using plastic or other dental material. Sealants not only stop bacteria build-up but also stop sugar and food bits.

That’s why the dentist recommends getting the procedure as soon as your kid gets molars. They will clean the teeth properly before applying sealants.

So, there is no need to be concerned even if the food bits accumulate before the procedure. Please read below to know when it’s the right time to get the sealant procedure.

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

Although dental sealants are not a replacement for regular brushing and flossing, they can stop the initial stages of decay and even prevent cavities from spreading further.

As per the Centers for Disease and Control, sealants can prevent 80% of cavities in molar teeth. They are an excellent preventative measure that masks every nook and corner of the teeth at high risk of tooth decay.

Since grooves on the molars are difficult to reach while brushing teeth, they are more prone to developing cavities than other teeth.

The entire sealing procedure is pain-free and fast. Since there is no need for drilling or anesthesia, anyone can receive it at home.

The dentist takes X-rays and places dental sealant on the chewing surface of the tooth. Then, they put a light-cured resin material.

The professional uses UV light to cure or make the resin hard. The procedure usually takes 15 minutes for every tooth to seal.

Finally, the dentist again takes X-rays to ensure the sealant has been placed appropriately.

The only disadvantage of a dental sealant is that it is much more expensive, unlike X-rays and dental cleaning. However, the investment is worth it in the long term.

What Teeth Should Get Sealants?

Kids must receive dental sealants on their permanent premolar and molar teeth immediately as they erupt.

What Age is Perfect for Getting Dental Sealants?

The American Dental Association says the first molar comes at around six. However, second molar teeth occur at 12 years of age. Numerous dental professionals advise sealing these teeth as soon as they erupt.

Dental sealants protect teeth from 6 to 14 years of age. They protect the chewing surfaces of teeth from cavities by creating a protective shield to block out food bits and germs.

The dentist also applies sealant to the baby’s teeth, mainly if they have pits or deep grooves.

How Do Sealants Look?

A dental sealant can be clear, slightly tinted, or white.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Dental sealants can stay from 9-10 years after the placement. But they can even pop up in a few cases. Therefore, make sure you get the sealant checked with the dentist near you.

For How Much Time Do You Need to Avoid Eating Food?

After one day of receiving dental sealant, you can continue to eat any food or drink you want.

Make sure you ask your kid to avoid chewing on chips, hard candies, popcorn, ice, and other foods that can damage or scratch the dental sealant.

Does Getting the Sealant Procedure Hurt?

No. The dental sealant procedure does not cause pain to the patient because it does not involve shots or drills.

Can I Brush my Teeth After Dental Sealants?

Yes. After getting sealant, you can easily brush your teeth. But make sure you say no to things that can make it weak.

Do Dental Insurance Plans Cover Sealants?

Yes. Few dental insurance plans include the sealant procedure. To ensure coverage, speak to your insurance provider immediately.

Prevent the Need for Dental Fillings in Future Today

Dental sealants for adults keep food bits, bacteria, and decay away from the teeth. It prevents the need for getting filled in the coming year.

To resolve queries related to the preventive procedure, contact the dental expert at Holger Dental Group – Minneapolis today.

The dentist uses sealant in the area of filling where cavities are already or when addressing patients with widespread decay.

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